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12 March 2019

Helping to provide a greener future

It's a hot topic these days, and with reason: global warming is causing extreme weather, resulting in severe droughts and floods everywhere on Earth. While the younger generations are taking to the streets to demand action from our lawmakers, we find it equally important for companies to also do their part. During last year's record summer, we reported an impressive carbon emission reduction thanks to the more than thousand solar panels we installed on our production halls. But our core business is also creating a more ecological footprint.

Recently, Deprez Construct installed the automatic internal transport system at MSP Onions in The Netherland. The entire systems operates on green energy and replaces 14 forklifts. In laymen terms, our transport system enables MSP to save almost 150 000 kgs of carbon emission per year. That's the equivalent of no less than twenty households.

Installing these kinds of transport systems helps us to provide a greener future for generations to come.


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