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23 November 2018

Festive inauguration of new production hall

At the beginning of September 2018 there was dual cause for celebration at Deprez Construct: the festive inauguration of the new production hall and the conclusion of the first year at the Kortemark site. There was certainly no lack of interest, with almost 500 attendees, including Deputy Minister President Hilde Crevits and Kortemark mayor, Toon Vancoillie.

After the welcome reception, accompanied by live music, Johan Deprez was the first to speak. In a speech which danced smoothly between three languages in order to accommodate all the international customers and suppliers present, the business manager discussed Deprez Construct’s progress over the past decades, from a side gig in a garage to an international company with premises that now measure an impressive six hectares. As part of his very well-received speech he also added that, at Deprez, the customer rules: “The customer’s solution comes first, and we achieve that through our extensive know-how, innovative development and employees with years of experience.”

Then it was the turn of his son, Jeroen Deprez, to focus on the employees, followed by two more speeches by Mayor Vancoillie and Deputy Minister President Hilde Crevits. The latter praised Deprez Construct for its craftsmanship and phenomenal growth in recent years, reason enough to be ‘bursting with pride’, according to her.

Something else Deprez can be proud of is the funds raised for Bednet and Trias. Attendees were asked for voluntary donations to either or both charities, and all complied with this request. After the speeches, the provisional total was announced: over €4,000 for Trias and a generous €6,000 for Bednet, adding up to a splendid ten thousand euros altogether.

Once the official part was over, everyone was free to enjoy the standing buffet and was able to visit the new production hall, including the impressive fully-automated parts warehouse.


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