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"Octopus" – box washer

The box washer has at least 4 sections: prewash – main wash cycle - 2x drying. The boxes are turned 180° twice in the washer and as a result are washed inside and out. All the water is filtered to remove coarse particles < 3 mm, then the water is recycled from a large tank and pumped to the washing sections at 100 m³/h.

The Octopus is made entirely of stainless steel and works fully automatically on the FIFO principle: the dirty boxes go in on the left, clean boxes come out on the right.

The lids of plastic boxes are also easy to wash in this box washer. 

Possible options include: heating the water, dosing detergent, additional rinsing section, additional disinfections section, ventilators in the drying section, unstacking and stacking the boxes, etc.


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