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Revolutionary approach for storage of oversized products

For storage of oversized products: meet the GIRAF!

The fully automated Giraf warehouse allows customers to store Euro pallets, but more specifically also oversized goods. Products up to 6 m long and 2 m wide can be stored here. A 3D scan is created as soon as the pallet is checked in, and the goods are weighed. The Giraf warehouse places the pallet in the best available space. Customers can choose from 500, 1000 or 1500 kg/pallet, or even higher if necessary. Result: with a surface area of 450 m2 and a usable height of 12 m, the Giraf from Deprez can create up to 1500 pallet spaces.

Anyone who needs to ensure access for a forklift in a storage environment knows there are a lot of limitations. And that’s even before taking into account the generous space and wide corridors needed to allow wide items to pass. The risk of damage to the storage racks, with disastrous consequences, is a hard reality. The human aspect is very important too: for a forklift truck you need a certificate, you need staff and you don't want to know what kind of dramatic accidents have already happened with a forklift truck. The Giraf warehouse offers an incredible opportunity to reduce the risk of mistakes and damage too.

With the Giraf warehouse, Deprez guarantees a 50% reduction in terms of space and a 100% reduction in terms of speed. Deprez in Kortemark has a proven track record when it comes to ground-breaking solutions. Nearly 40 years ago, the company began with a fall breaker for potato crops that started a real revolution within the world of potato processing.

To see the fully automated warehouse from close up, simply request a visit by emailing Special viewing windows allow you to view the process from close up.



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