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09 January 2020

Robot welding creates efficient work

"Welding hundreds of identical pieces without fault while giving our welders more time for precision work, that's one of the biggest advantages of robot welding." Earlier this year, we already announced our acquisition of a welding robot, which helps us to work more efficiently and deliver even better quality. Now that the necessary courses have been taken, it's time to put the robot to good use. According to the chef of the welding department, Thijs Petyt, the robot will give added value. "Buying this robot fits perfectly into our company's strive for innovation."

The use of such new technologies is part of Deprez's vision to always be up-to-date with the market. By integrating a welding robot in our production process, we can work more efficiently and focus more on quality. In order to achieve that, we felt it was important to provide the necessary training. A few employees from both the engineering and the welding department went on a two week course to learn how the program the robot. "The first week was mainly about learning how to operate the robot itself," Petyt explained. Weld seam detection is planned for 2020.

Anyone who fears that such process automation will endanger jobs can, according to Petyt, sleep soundly. "The robot is perceived among colleagues as a positive addition. Nobody likes to spend days making the same 400 pieces. The robot takes on this kind of monotonous work. Everyone here is capable of welding the difficult, more delicate parts and that's where we'd like to employ those talents." Even the big pieces, for which the robot takes up to three, four hours to weld, shouldn't come at the cost of someone's working hours. "Once it's programmed, you only need to put the piece in the robot and push a button. No one has to keep an eye on it and can continue doing their work."

In terms of the future, everything is still possible. The first trials went smoothly and as everyone is becoming more familiar with the robot, more ways on how we can use the robot will be explored. One thing that's already clear is that the purchase of such equipment is a logical step to make Deprez Construct a leading player within the sector.


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