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02 January 2019

Deprez Construct goes for CARE in 2019

Deprez Construct cares. For its costumers, its employees, its projects… You name it.

To put it in specific terms, we launched the CARE program a while ago. CARE, which stands for Creative, Ambitious, Respect, Excellent, embodies the four values we stand for with each project, both towards each other as colleagues as towards our customers.

In 2019, CARE once again takes a central position.

Creative: once again, Deprez Construct has new products in development this year. These will be announced in the course of the year.

Ambitious: we started the new year with an already well filled order book. This underlines beautifully the great confidence existing and new customers have in the entire team at Deprez Construct.

Respect: we listen to each other, which means that we also take care of each other. Internally this means attention for personal growth by way of, for example, training courses. Externally, this means we pay attention to the needs and wishes of customers.

Excellent: the turn-key are becoming more numerous with larger series as a result. That’s why Deprez Construct is investing further in high-performance software and machines. There’s not only an additional CNC bending machine coming in 2019 we’re also investing in a first mobile welding robot with 2 workstations for parts up to 6 meters. Other investments are currently being further investigated and developed.

All this emphasizes that Deprez Construct chooses the way forward, step by step.


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